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Pregnancy Questions and Answers

Having a baby is an exciting event in your Life, but it can sometimes be bewildering, too. is a warm and reassuring web resource you will turn to again and again, one that can provide answers to most of your big and little questions about having a baby.
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What should I do to prepare for pregnancy?
My last two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. Should I talk with my doctor before I get pregnant, or can I wait until my first visit when I am pregnant?
I've heard depression and stress can keep me from getting pregnant. Is this true?
I've heard there's a new drug now used for sickle-cell anemia, which I have. Can I use it while I try to get pregnant?
My friend had surgery for breast cancer a few months ago, and now she's talking about getting pregnant. Is that dangerous?
I often take vitamins and herbs. Can I continue to take them while I prepare for pregnancy?
I read somewhere that caffeine can make a woman infertile. Is that true?
My friend just found out she is 8 weeks pregnant. She uses cocaine once or twice a week but says she'll stop now she's pregnant. Is this bad for the baby?
How can I find the best caregiver for me?
What kind of lab tests will I need?
I hate having a pelvic exam. Will I need one?
What can I do about nausea?
I feel so nauseated that I can't eat anything. Is this dangerous?
How could I be exposed to lead?
Can I do anything about heartburn?
I have problems with allergies. Will they cause me problems during pregnancy?
I've heard a pregnant woman shouldn't have her hair colored or get a permanent. Is there any reason to avoid these?
How safe is it for me to take a bath during pregnancy?
Not all babies are Rh-positive, are they?
I'm dizzy a lot. Should I worry?
I've heard of a new treatment for sickle-cell disease that relieves severe pain. Can a pregnant woman take it?
I've heard it's harder to find breast cancer during pregnancy. Why?
How is breast cancer treated during pregnancy?
If a woman has breast cancer, can she breastfeed?
With all the news reports I've heard about older women having more babies, what is the average age for a woman to give birth in North America?
I did a home pregnancy test last night, and it was positive. How soon should I see my doctor?
I'm confused about ultrasound and sonograms. What's the difference?
Will I be able to find out if I am having a boy or girl when I have my ultrasound?
I heard on the radio that some researchers are trying to develop a test that will predict Down syndrome from a pregnant woman's urine. Do you know anything about this?
After my pelvic exam, my doctor said I was "2 and 50%." Why did she tell me this?
There are so many different kinds of medicine. How can I remember which are safe to take?
I occasionally use a steroid cream for a skin condition. Can I use it during pregnancy?
Won't my doctor or the nurses get mad if I call them about every medication I'm thinking of taking?
I usually take a lot of vitamins, but my doctor advised me to take only a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy. Why?
I've heard that during pregnancy I'm "eating for two." What does that mean?
I'm 11 weeks pregnant and had my cholesterol checked. It was higher than the last time I had it checked. Is that normal?
I've found I want to eat late at night, even though I've never felt hungry at night before. Should I?
Is it OK to use the microwave during my pregnancy?
I know milk products are a good source of calcium, but I've heard I could get something called "listeriosis" from some milk products. Is this true?
I really love protein foods that have a lot of fat, like bacon and cheese. What can I substitute for them?
I love junk food. Do I have to give it up completely?
If I drink beverages that normally act as diuretics, such as coffee, will it counteract the increase in fluids?
Where can I get more information on nutrition while I'm pregnant?
Someone told me exercising can cause early labor. Should I believe her?
I read that my baby's heart rate increases when mine does during exercise. Can this cause a problem?
How do I figure out my heart rate?
I'm 9 weeks pregnant and haven't exercised in years. Can I start now?
What kind of problems should I watch out for while I'm exercising?
You say I should gain 25 to 30 pounds (11.25 to 15.7 kg) with my pregnancy. That sounds like a lot to me when the baby only weighs about 7 pounds (3.15kg). Where does all that weight go?
What is the best position for sleeping?
My sister said it's not good for me to lie on my back during pregnancy. Does she know what she's talking about?
My feet are huge—I can't wear any of my shoes. What can I do?
Is it true that lying on my side in the third trimester will help me control any swelling I have?
My mother told me I shouldn't work during pregnancy. Is she right?
Can my work be hazardous to my pregnancy?
Everybody at work seems to have advice for me. How do I handle this?
I know my center of gravity is changing. What's the best way for me to lift an object?
Is it all right to fly?
What are the greatest risks for me if I decide to travel during my pregnancy?
Is it safe for me to drive during pregnancy?
How does a multiple pregnancy occur?
What is the difference between identical and fraternal twins?
When is a twin pregnancy most often discovered?
These dating techniques are confusing. When my doctor says I'm 12 weeks pregnant, how old is my baby?
How is it decided whether I will have a boy or a girl?
Can the doctor estimate from my size how big my baby will be?
When will I be able to hear my baby's heart beat?
What is the chance of my baby having a major birth defect?
Is meconium important?
I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have only gained 4 pounds (1.8kg). Should I be concerned?
Everyone tells me I'm too big. What's wrong?
I don't usually use sunscreen, but a friend suggested it's important during pregnancy. Why?
My mother had varicose veins during her pregnancies. Will I?
I find it annoying when people (even total strangers) pat my pregnant abdomen. How do I stop them from doing this?
My friend was talking about "quickening." What is it?
It seems like I am always going to the bathroom since I found out I'm pregnant. Is this normal?
My breasts are really sore. Is this normal?
Now that I know I'm pregnant, I look forward to wearing maternity clothes. When will I need them?
A couple of my friends got pregnant at about the same time I did, but we all look as if we're at different stages of pregnancy. Is anything wrong?
Is it OK for my husband to go to prenatal appointments with me?
We've been considering names for our baby; some of them are unusual. Should we discuss our choices with others?
How can I involve my partner more in my pregnancy?
My doctor said my husband can be very important to me during labor and delivery. How?
My friend told me that having sex can cause me to go into labor early. Is that true?
Are there times we should avoid sex during pregnancy?
What kind of problems can a yeast infection cause the baby?
What activities affect my developing baby?
What effects can my cigarette smoking have on the baby?
What can I do if I smoke?
Is it all right to drink alcohol while I'm pregnant?
How much alcohol is "too much"?
Can drug use affect my pregnancy?
I've heard that cocaine use during early pregnancy can cause serious problems. Is this true?
I'm a single woman who has chosen to have my baby alone. What should I tell people who ask me why I am doing this?
I'm having a lot of trouble emotionally with this pregnancy. Whom should I talk to about it?
Some people think I'm crazy to have a baby alone. What should I say to them?
Are there support groups for single parents?
I feel as if I have no one close to share my pregnancy problems and concerns with. What can I do?
I called my doctor and told him I had some bleeding. He told me to rest and not to have intercourse. Can't I take some medicine or do something to stop the bleeding and make sure everything is going to be OK?
If I fall, what signs indicate a problem for my pregnancy?
Do miscarriages occur very often?
What can I do if I think I'm having a miscarriage?
If I am having a miscarriage, will my pregnancy test be positive?
How can I know if my pre-eclampsia is getting worse and I am beginning to develop eclampsia?
I've already felt some contractions, and I'm only 6 months pregnant. Am I going into labor?
I heard a woman describe her baby as "dropping." Does this mean the baby was falling out?
What should I do when my water breaks?
My doctor said she might have to induce me. How is this done?
Is there any way for my doctor to know when I will go into labor?
How will I know a childbirth-education class is right for me?
I'm nervous about preparing to go to the hospital. What should I be concerned about?
Will my doctor be available when I go into labor?
I'm nervous about whether my baby is too big for me to deliver. Can my doctor tell if I'll have problems before labor begins?
How can I find out more about the different pain-relief methods available during labor and delivery?
Can't my doctor tell if I'll need a C-section before I go into labor?
Why is a Cesarean operation performed?
Some women at my childbirth-preparation class said if you have a Cesarean, you've failed as a woman. Is this true?
Will I deliver in the same room I labor in?
What is the Lamaze method of childbirth?
Can every woman use the Lamaze method?
Are there other methods of childbirth preparation I could use besides Lamaze?
How long will I have to stay in the hospital?
How can I tell if my episiotomy is OK?
Should I avoid any activities after my baby is born?
Shouldn't I go on a strict diet to lose weight after the birth?
I've heard I shouldn't diet if I'm breastfeeding. Why?
What does the baby look like at birth?
My little boy's head is misshapen. Will it always be like this?
I've never had a baby before. I'm concerned I won't know when he's ill or when I should call the doctor. What do you recommend?
I've heard about newborns having jaundice. What is jaundice?
If our baby surfers from colic, what can we do?
I heard it's better to put a baby down to sleep on its side or back, rather than on its stomach. Is this true?
How will I know when my baby is hungry?
Someone told me I had to drink lots of water while I'm breastfeeding. Is this true?
Should I stop nursing if I get a breast infection?
Someone told me that if I breastfeed, my nipples will drip milk when my baby cries. This isn't true, is it?
If I have a problem breastfeeding, what can I do?
Is Ultrasound Safe?
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